At McNeill Associates, we provide our clients with comprehensive and objective advice as well as a realistic assessment of their current tax situation. We then draw from our extensive experience in handling complex tax structures by assisting clients with their tax audit, appeal, negotiation, litigation and even taxation of foreign investments. Our primary goal is to provide feasible solutions that address the tax issue faced by the client in a swift and effective manner.

Clients that call upon our tax lawyers, get more than just attorney representation. They also get assistance from other tax experts within our organization who specialize in other areas of taxation including: estate planning, probate, tax liens, bank levies, asset protection, life assurance, and pension planning as well as a plethora of additional tax matters.

When it comes to taxation and the legislation that govern them, there is a lot to be taken into consideration. No one wants to incorrectly file their taxes or accidentally engage in fraudulent activity. That is why employing a consummate legal professional is of utmost importance when dealing with the burden of taxes, especially when you are less than confident in your own ability to correctly adhere to all of the laws and stipulations that govern the financial field.

When you have a licensed tax attorney representing you, you will benefit from certain rights and privileges that only come with legal representation. For example, you will be protected by the Attorney-Client Privilege, which protects any and all communication between you and your attorney, which is considered highly confidential. A tax attorney is under no legal obligation to disclose confidential information to tax authorities or any other opposing party. The Attorney-Client Privilege provides a safe and confidential environment to talk about tax matters and divulge information that may otherwise place the client at risk.

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The primary objective of tax authorities is to collect of all taxes they are owed. This may result in a taxpayer facing bank levies, tax liens, property seizure and wage garnishment. In most situations, these negative situations could have been avoided if the issue had been properly addressed from the beginning by an experienced tax attorney.

McNeill Associates handles all types of tax law matters for an array of international private and corporate clients. Our advisors and attorneys have a multitude of experience in both tax law and other related issues such as estate planning, life assurance and asset protection, which enables us to provide a multi-level approach to your overall financial situation, whatever it may be.

We can also assist you with the preparation of complex tax returns and any other complicated issues such as international tax and the taxation of foreign investments. In addition to all of this, our team of tax experts can offer you guidance in regard to long-term solutions to tax related problems if you are nearing the age of retirement or would like to work out a viable estate plan, trust or will, to secure the financial future of your loved ones.


Here at McNeill Associates, we can assist our clients with a wide range of tax related services, including:

Corporate Taxation
International Taxation
Real Estate Taxation
Tax Controversy and Litigation
State and Local Taxation
Employee Benefits
Executive Compensation
Estate and Personal Tax Planning
Workouts and Debt Restructurings
Tax-Exempt Organizations
Tax Planning
Tax Audits, Appeals & Litigation
International Tax
Taxation of Foreign Investments
Tax Fraud
Tax Whistleblowers


McNeill Associates is always looking to bolster our work force with individuals who possess an analytical and creative mind, and who are also committed to a career in taxation.

We invest heavily in training our attorneys and are dedicated to an extensive program of in-house attorney education in each of our practice areas.

If you believe you have the required skill set, passion and experience required to work for McNeill Associates, please send your Resume and a cover letter to info@mcneillassociates.com.

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